Blog to follow: My demented Mom

Kathy Ritchie writes about her experiences caring for her mother who suffered from frontotemporal dementia.

Kathy writes honestly about what it is like to be a young adult caring for a parent with dementia.


Caregiver Support in Dementia Care

Recently, the topic of caregiving has been grabbing some media attention. As the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s Rising Tide report concluded back in 2010 ( Rising Tide Report ) caregivers assume a great deal of the responsibility for dementia care and they need training as well as support.

A publication produced by Baycrest Health Sciences geared towards caregivers of persons with dementia has just been released. Dementia: A Caregiver’s Guide. Information and strategies for family and friends, is the third edition of this Canadian manual. Based on scientific literature, advice from professionals and feedback from clients and caregivers, this educational guide is designed to provide information and give practical tips and strategies to help those who care for someone with dementia.

Toronto Star columnist and seniors’ advocate Carol Goar, wrote a piece on Wednesday, Oct. 28th, in the Star’s Opinion/Commentary section. As well, Sylvia Davidson was interviewed by AM740 Radio host Dale Goldhawk on Thursday, Oct. 22nd.

Check out the links to these 2 media events: The Star: Carol Goar and Radio 740: Dale Goldhawk