National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month #Still Here

January is national Alzheimer’s awareness month and this year they are promoting the #Still Here campaign.


The Alzheimer Society website has a powerful video and many quotes.  I encourage you to take a look.

For me, it was a reminder, that people live with dementia. People with full, rich lives. People who garden, shop, write, cook, dance.  People with diverse ways of spending their time. For me the # Still Here Campaign is a powerful reminder for us as occupational therapists to focus on all the occupations that bring richness to a persons life.  Not just the ADLs and I-ADLs; although they are important too :).

This campaign has inspired me to talk for a little longer with my patients about what brings value, what is important, what brings pleasure and how we can make it happen, how we can modify, adapt and enable.

Let us remember to see the person first.  # Still Here.




Are you interested in building capacity and advancing the occupational therapy role in dementia care?

The primary goal for CAOT’s Networks, including the Occupational Therapists Working in Dementia Care Network (OTDCN), is to build capacity. The networks also (1) provide direction, vision and action for the work of the Association; (2) provide opportunities for networking and mentoring, and (3) lobby for occupational therapy services. Join us on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 from noon to 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) learn more about OTDCN, the activities planned for the upcoming year and how you can be involved. Registrants may participate through teleconference line (listen/speak) or webinar (listen/type).

If you can attend this meeting live, please register through the CAOT online store by February 3, 2016. If you cannot attend the meeting live but wish to receive additional information afterwards, please add your name here.

Welcome to a New Year!

I am always amazed when a year ends and another suddenly arrives! They say (whoever ‘they’ are), that time flying by is a sign of getting older – so I have aged a LOT lately!

I love the end of the year; it’s a chance to reflect on everything that has happened over the past 12 months and a terrific opportunity to consider what’s to come. Certainly, most of us experienced a great deal of change in 2015 and if you are anything like me, you probably found these changes to be challenging.


However, as an occupational therapist, I am reminded that I need to find a balance.

I may complain, and think about how things “used to be”, but at the same time, change can be good. Often, it can energize us and force us to consider doing things differently.

I am reminded of a quote. No idea where I heard it, but I think it is appropriate for all of us in these challenging times:

“Most people HATE the idea of trying new things unless there’s a guaranteed payoff. People who operate under that mindset will NEVER live up to their full potential.”

So I say, bring on 2016 and everything that comes with it! Who knows what heights we might reach!