National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month #Still Here

January is national Alzheimer’s awareness month and this year they are promoting the #Still Here campaign.


The Alzheimer Society website has a powerful video and many quotes.  I encourage you to take a look.

For me, it was a reminder, that people live with dementia. People with full, rich lives. People who garden, shop, write, cook, dance.  People with diverse ways of spending their time. For me the # Still Here Campaign is a powerful reminder for us as occupational therapists to focus on all the occupations that bring richness to a persons life.  Not just the ADLs and I-ADLs; although they are important too :).

This campaign has inspired me to talk for a little longer with my patients about what brings value, what is important, what brings pleasure and how we can make it happen, how we can modify, adapt and enable.

Let us remember to see the person first.  # Still Here.




3 thoughts on “National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month #Still Here

  1. Hi! Happy new year! I encourage everyone to check the Still Here campaign by the Alzheimer’s Society. There is a quiz… am I the only one who likes quizzes? Have it look it is quick, but makes you consider some things. When I did it I thought this is very OT, focusing on the person’s potential.

    Christina Sullivan
    OT in NL

  2. This year’s campaign is very relevant for occupational therapists. We understand the importance of getting to know a person; we take the time to try and build a therapeutic relationship because we know that it can be an important part of successful engagement with our clients. This year’s #StillHere campaign is a reminder that just because someone has a diagnosis of dementia does NOT mean that we should exclude him or her from the conversation. It is vital that we continue to engage with persons with dementia, find out what is important to them, what is meaningingful.
    And it is vitally important that we have this conversation with others; with friends and family and colleagues.
    Let’s get this discussion started!!

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